Roger Allmond

Designer. Sculptor. Artist.


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Roger Allmond's natural aptitude for metalwork and fabrication first became apparent when he trained as a millwright back in the 1980s.  He swiftly learned, developed and mastered the traditional skills involved in such craftsmanship, which have been passed down through generations. Indeed, after forty years of honing these skills, many of his tools now feel like an extension of himself.

More recently, Roger's successful career as a motorcycle designer and builder was fueled by his desire to create something different. His distinctive perspective ensured that his imaginative and beautiful creations grabbed the headlines in the bike world for decades. His motorbikes have been featured in publications across the world and many have been exhibited and photographed across the UK, Europe and in the USA. 


Now, freed from the constraints of mechanical and electrical limitations,  Roger's extraordinary vision is evident in his breathtaking sculptures which are breaking new ground in the art world.


Roger's incredible imagination continues to combine high quality materials, eye catching colours and captivating shapes, in his own unique style. 


02 portfolio

Each sculpture is unique, both designed and created by Roger, with an engraved and dated stainless steel name plate.

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The Wave Collection:

  • Ripple: 

Fluid shaped ribbon, carved from solid oak, as if flapping in the wind. Stone base with curved, polished stainless steel stem, lime waxed oak.

  • Trickle: 

Highly polished stainless steel is manipulated to mimic liquid, flowing down a carved oak ripple, with a droplet seemingly escaping through a crack in the wood, into a pool. Supported by a solid stone base.

The Billet Collection:

  • Billet #1: 

Handmade from heavy, billet stainless steel, a hypnotic and reflective piece with twists and turns, drawing the eye through tapered holes. Each turn shows something new.

The Force Collection:

  • Bow:

Poised for action, the tall, imposing stainless steel, aluminium and oak bow stands proud, with eye catching accents in orange metallic paint. Supported by a solid stone base.

The Hooley Collection:

Inspired by the power of the wind at sea.

  • Escape: 

Elegantly shaped oak base, polished stainless steel details and an aluminium sail, painted in midnight blue, evocative of a wind-filled spinnaker.

  • Kerf:

A curved oak base contrasts with the sharp lines of brushed stainless steel with copper coloured aluminium sails, thrusting forward as if slicing through water.


03 In detail

Recently diagnosed with ASC, or Asperger's Syndrome, Roger has an innate ability to visualize and create aesthetically beautiful shapes which have a style and quality like nothing else. His sculptures open the door to self expression, which as an autistic person, Roger can find incredibly challenging, The entire creative process enables Roger to celebrate the positive traits of autism: his passion, his honesty and his eye for detail.

Roger's utter absorption in his work and his refusal to accept anything less than perfection, are reflected in every piece he creates.  Each sculpture is unique, painstakingly crafted from steel, stone or oak, with an engraved stainless steel nameplate, and often finished with a splash of vibrant colour.

Roger's works juxtapose these raw, unforgiving and rigid materials with narratives of fluidity, energy and movement.  Roger's sculptures encourage us to think about what happens next, and are a reminder that all things are transient; even the toughest of materials are malleable in the right environment.

"I have a passion for creating beautiful shapes, shapes that are made up of small, understated elements. The combination of subtle lines and details draws the viewer in, making the entire sculpture not only pleasing to the eye, but also mesmerizing. My sculptures speak of movement and vitality; they capture a moment in time, a snapshot."

Roger Allmond.

The gallery below gives you a glimpse into the processes involved in crafting each piece and an overview of Roger's works so far.



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Roger is a member of the Oxford Sculptors Group, and details of his works and exhibitions can also be found on their website.


Fluid shaped ribbon, carved from solid oak, as if flapping in the wind. Stone base with curved, polished stainless steel stem, turquiose lime waxed oak. Engraved stainless steel name plate. Approximate dimensions: Height: 30cm Length: 85cm Width:12cm